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Local, National, International

At a time when markets are seemingly, instantly available and global competition comes from all corners of the world, there has never been a more important time to plan your market growth so that you have a sustainable cross-geographies market plan. Enabling your ambitions and innovation requires clear vision so that you direct your investment…
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Strategy is not a word that always fits comfortably in the practical and challenging world of business, particularly where political and economic unpredictability may encourage the leaders to take a very short-term view of the business. The problem is that without developing a longer term perspective, your business is unlikely to grow. Adopting a longer-term…
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Getting the most from your Executive Leadership Team (ELT)

How well does your ELT function? Coaching leaders is not enough Over the past 15 years thankfully, there has been a great deal of emphasis on coaching for individual leaders. Generally, the focus has been on addressing the development needs of the individual so that he or she can become a more effective leader. Coaching…
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Done a Liniment

My colleague often talks, with a glistening eye, about his “rugby days”. When men were men and drinking all night and playing the next day was not only accepted, but expected. In those halcyon days fitness was just another word for strong and fearless. Back then even if you weren’t fit you should try and…
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Coaching with a difference

There are so many coaching activities ‘out there’ at the moment that we understand if you find it difficult to believe our coaching is different. Ease of entry to the coaching market is a doddle and anyone can set himself or herself up as a life coach, performance coach or business coach. The market is…
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Building world-class Business Development Capability

Small is beautiful…but you must have aligned outsourced capability. What are the golden rules for building a world class business development team in a professional services firm? Keep it tight. A small team who are completely aligned to the firm’s strategy and who self start. Hire for attitude and then train for skill…this was Ritz…
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