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Local, National, International

At a time when markets are seemingly, instantly available and global competition comes from all corners of the world, there has never been a more important time to plan your market growth so that you have a sustainable cross-geographies market plan.

Enabling your ambitions and innovation requires clear vision so that you direct your investment of time and money in a measured way. Key milestones need to be defined, focused and measured.

…so what is your plan?



You may be passionate about the global impact you can make in the business world but let’s not forget, in fact focus our attention on your local market. Many organisations try and embark upon ambitious growth without capitalising on their local market. Here are some questions worth asking yourself and your leadership team:

  1. Have you analysed the local market size and are you primed to take your market share?
  2. Have you established yourself as a business leader in your business community? Peer to peer opportunities achieve high growth and very high profit.
  3. Do you know everyone locally with whom you could do business? People do business with people they know, like and trust and all of these can measured quickly, locally.
  4. The social impact you can deliver in your local market can be demonstrated easily and could satisfy you for years to come .So where and how can you measure your business’ social impact within the local area?
  5. Forming partnerships with like-minded business leaders will increase your local momentum. Have you identified your local partners with similar growth desires and plans? Together stronger

These are just a few questions and statements, but the bottom line is clear, why expand geographically if you cannot demonstrate local market success? As a business leader you should take responsibility for creating a local legacy.



It’s a natural step to take but is it planned? Where should you go and why?

Many questions to answer but don’t just react to this, please go away and place this on the top of your agenda for you and your leadership team. Useful questions to start with are:

  1. What growth do you want? Is it top line or bottom line?
  2. Do you have clients that can help you develop national reach?
  3. Where is the best location and can you sustain the cost of a national team?
  4. Is your style more suited to regional markets or central conurbations…it makes a difference if you do not align with the messages in the markets you want to grow.
  5. What structure best suits or leadership style?
  6. What is the size of the prize and how can we achieve our ambitions in a realistic manner?

Again just a few relevant questions. These do not mean we are stopping you grow in fact quite the opposite we want to help you define each step so that a measured and sustainable growth plan can be achieved so you continue your success.



Gosh this is exciting, you don’t have to work all the time in the UK weather, you can enjoy the sun, in a market that will provide you all the growth you need, because its big.
OK a rush of blood to the head, which has blown away your structured approach to growing the business.

The problem is when it comes to International Growth we have found many knee-jerk reactions to international market expansion resulting in the loss of money and an increased level of stress created on individuals and the business.

Let’s make sure that this plan has full commitment and contribution from the leadership team.

Simple things to ask the team when creating your plan:

  1. Why are you heading out when you haven’t captured market share in the UK?
  2. Do you have clients that you can expand with into one or more countries?
  3. Are you restricted by your market entry structure? Should you consider partnerships, franchise model etc?
  4. Should you buy a local business already established with a similar culture to your own?
  5. What is the size of the prize?
  6. Does your USP translate into other countries.

It goes without saying that your ambitions and desires should have no limitation and International Expansion will provide exciting growth, but once again all we ask is to make sure there is a plan.

We have developed a structured methodology, which helps clear the mist and provide all stakeholders with confidence that each step of growth is measured and deliberate so that clear ROI is achieved.

So in brief let’s GET on with it and define with you a plan for local, national, and international success.

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