Coaching with a difference

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Coaching with a difference

There are so many coaching activities ‘out there’ at the moment that we understand if you find it difficult to believe our coaching is different. Ease of entry to the coaching market is a doddle and anyone can set himself or herself up as a life coach, performance coach or business coach. The market is unregulated.

Centric’s coaching is different because it is grounded on a rigorous theory of personal change, called Intentional Change Theory pioneered by Richard Boyatzis and colleagues. Centric’s coaching methodology thereby has a very clear framework and direction, engaging brain structure and neurochemical activity to accelerate sustainable change and personal insight.

To achieve the change you desire, whether it be a new role, new career or higher performance in your current role, we work with you to develop and test a graphically clear vision of the change. Next we get a clear assessment from you and, with your permission, from others, of what your current abilities are and what you need to learn and develop to achieve your change. We work with you on your key messages to gain the support of others. This is essential because, while there will be people who want to support you in your development, there may be some who have a vested interest in you staying as you are.

Next we design with you the range of experiences you need to develop the skills and knowledge required to achieve your vision. Using your network and ours, we provide you with the experiences that build these skills, all the time making sure you have the three great conditions for worthwhile learning, Assessment, Challenge and Support (ACS). Our coaching engagements are evaluated quarterly. Sustaining the change takes time and very clear exercises and ‘experiments’ are undertaken by you between coaching sessions. Ongoing support through teleconferencing, phone calls and email reinforces your new learning, reflection and testing. Within 12 months the coaching should come to an end. We worry about the number of people who have interminable coaching and suspect it is not always the client who is the main beneficiary.

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